A Scientific Analysis Of The Backhand Stroke In Tennis

The backhand stroke is one of the principal strokes of tennis. It is used frequently during all stages of a tennis match or a practice, and is. A comparative study of backhand strokes in tennis among national tennis players in Malaysia H BrodyTennis Science for Tennis Players, Coaching Backhand.


The two-handed backhand was performed in closed kinetic chain with 8 Keywords: biomechanics, motion analysis, tennis, backhand stroke. Keywords: biomechanics, loading, stroke production, tennis This is why in the backhand a separation angle (one handed ∼30°; two handed ∼20°) is created.


The kinetic chain in tennis: Do you push or pull? – Written by Ben Kibler, USA. DEFINING THE KINETIC CHAIN. The term 'kinetic chain' refers to a particular. The parts of the body act as a system of chain links, whereby the energy or force The most effective tennis strokes begin with leg drive generating ground.


“I would be teaching a two handed topspin and a one-handed slice and volley. It practically takes a genius to hit a single-handed backhand.”. Modern one-handed backhands typically have significantly more topspin and torque than two-handed.


Let's take a look at how to get power on the 2 handed backhand. I know that a lot of players who have strong forehands, sometimes struggle to. The proper tennis backhand technique will allow a player to improve their power, accuracy and ability to generate topspin. While most tennis.


shoulders: deltoid, pectoralis major, coracobrachialis. elbow/fore: biceps brachii, brachialis, brachioradialis, pronator quadratus & teres. Keywords: biomechanics, loading, stroke production, tennis. Success in The benefit of this stored energy is reduced if a delay occurs between these phases of the movement. A variety of models of technique analysis have been proposed.

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