A Review Of The Movie The Terminator

It was funny to read that this film nearly avoided coming to our screens. With many number of studios rejecting the script and story, Terminator was nearly. Forget that the premise is silly and the acting second-rate because director James Cameron "The Terminator" brings film violence into the realm of the surreal.


Directed by James Cameron. With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn, Paul Winfield. A seemingly indestructible robot is sent from to. Directed by Tim Miller. With Mackenzie Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Edward Furlong, Linda Hamilton. Sarah Connor and a hybrid cyborg human must protect .


Terminator Genisys is a American science fiction action film directed by Alan Taylor and written by Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier. The film reboots . Arnold Schwarzenegger and Emilia Clarke at an event for Terminator Genisys ( ) Terminator Genisys () Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator Genisys .


Schwarzenegger played the title role in the film The Terminator, and reprised Arnold with his long-time stunt double Peter Kent on-set of The Terminator. The Terminator is a American science fiction action film directed by James Cameron. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator, a cyborg assassin sent time to protect Sarah. Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, the Terminator's target who is soon to be the mother of the future Resistance leader John Connor.


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In Los Angeles, a cyborg assassin known as a Terminator arrives from and steals clothes and guns. Kyle Reese, a human soldier sent. A seemingly indestructible robot is sent from to to assassinate a young waitress, whose unborn son will lead humanity in a war against sentient.

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